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Signed with Crooked Lane Books for new thriller

I'm excited to announce I've signed with Crooked Lane Books to publish my second thriller novel, which is expected to release in fall 2024.

I'm very excited to announce that I've signed with Crooked Lane Books once again to publish my second thriller. It's expected to release in fall 2024.

My new novel tells the story of a sole survivor of a cult who tries to uncover the dark secrets of her past, including the unsolved kidnapping of her best friend and the deaths of her fellow cult members, after a podcaster arrives in town, eager to put the pieces together and broadcast to his listeners.

This is a dark, atmospheric mystery told in multiple points of view and timelines, at the time of the cult's demise and on the anniversary of their deaths, 10 years later.

I'm very happy to continue working with the talented team at Crooked Lane Books. I can't wait to share the latest news about my second book, including the title, cover reveal and publication date—stay tuned!


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