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Book review: The House Across the Lake

Riley Sager's books are a must-read for me each summer. Here, I review his latest thriller, The House Across the Lake.

A few years ago, I discovered the books of Riley Sager and I can't get enough! I eagerly await his new releases each summer. I've been very excited to dive into his newest book because isolated lakeside thrillers are my very favorite.

Suspenseful, inherently creepy setting, and full of didn't-see-it-coming twists.

The House Across the Lake follows a widowed former starlet who becomes a voyeur as she watches a glamorous couple who live across the lake.

The characters are vibrant and well-drawn. At first, I found the story to have a very Rear Window-vibe, but then Sager took it in a new direction with his famous plot twists. I've come to expect great twists and spend the beginning of the book trying to guess what might happen, but fail because the twists are just that unpredictable but perfect.

About halfway through, I started to audibly gasp as the surprises really got going.

The House Across the Lake is Sager's sixth thriller. His twists are truly masterful. If you want to dive into his books, I suggest starting with Final Girls, my favorite of his novels. Final Girls is fast-paced, unpredictable, and addictive.


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