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WILLA in the news

THE THREE DEATHS OF WILLA STANNARD released last week, and it’s been amazing to see it mentioned in the media! A few recent articles by USA Today book editor Barbara VanDenburgh highlight my book alongside some top-tier authors.

It was particularly exciting to see the USA Today International article, which published the same day my book was released. To see my name alongside Riley Sager’s is surreal, as he’s one of my favorite authors!

I've had the opportunity to do a few interviews as well. I talk about some behind-the-scenes elements of my writing process and even “dreamcast” my book -- it was harder than I imagined to cast the perfect actors as the leading ladies! Aspiring authors and fans of the craft of writing may enjoy these articles:

I also wrote a fun article for CrimeReads in which I discuss the inspiration for the setting of THE THREE DEATHS OF WILLA STANNARD and highlight a few of my favorite thrillers taking place in the deep, dark woods.


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